More about Social Responsibility & Design

Social Responsibility & Design is a co-created international programme for exploring the role of participatory design in improving people's lives.
 It was inspired by Charles Landry’s report and findings "Helsinki as an Open and Intercultural City”. Social Responsibility & Design project is part of the official World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme.
This project will draw upon and inspire cutting edge thinking and explore the role of participatory design in advancing the quality of people’s lives. This assumes that design has a vital role to play in improving the urban living environment and make them better places to live for the local community of people.
This project will bring design practitioners, academics and a diversity of local people together through participatory workshops, exhibitions and public lectures. A new type of holistic education program will be devised from the pilot study programme conducted during the year. The project will create a long term legacy and also compliment other World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 (WDCH) events.